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The Styling Mat was created for on-the-go creatives who need a portable solution for flat lays. While we love the idea of styling boards, as photographers and creatives, we found them cumbersome in practice. They can’t be cleaned. They’re bulky. And it’s hard to take them with you on location.

We decided there had to be a better way, and the Styling Mat was born. 

This is the only styling surface that’s portable, foldable, and washable. Styling Mats easily fit into a large purse, small carry-on suitcase, or camera bag, and even our smallest mat is over twice the size of styling boards. Our larger mats can even serve as a portable backdrop solution for hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers, and florists along with being great for larger flat lays. 

Each fabric is hand-selected to give you the most versatility and the best reproduction. Styling Mats are locally sourced in North Carolina and created in small batches or made to order. We test for color quality, texture, and durability, and unlike lower quality fabrics like linen, they are durable and as wrinkle-free as possible . All regular fabrics are limited edition and unique, because we know you don't want your photos looking like everyone else's.

We believe strongly in supporting fellow small business owners. The Styling Mat is sourced and made in North Carolina.


Our smallest mat folds from 43" round to 15" round and is more than twice the size of a styling board.

Our largest mat folds from 40x60" to 20" round.

Styling Mats are big enough to style large flat lays and use as a photo backdrop.