Color Accuracy

As with any company that sells fabric online, we do our very best to present fabrics as accurately as possible. There are several factors to consider when ordering any fabric product, however, and there is no such thing as one color to any fabric. We photograph fabrics for the product listings  outdoors and adjust the digital color on our computer to screen to match what we're seeing with our eyes under natural light. Factors that change color perception include the following and will dramatically change the color of a fabric both to the naked eye and to a digital rendering:

-Differences in computer and phone screens


-Camera sensors

-Film stocks

-Editing styles

-Objects that are put on or in front of the fabric

-How far away you are from the fabric when photographing it

-Lens aperture

-How you as an individual perceive color

For this reason, we offer swatches of our current offerings to those who want to see colors in person. Keep in mind that what light you photograph in, how you edit your photos, what camera or film you use, and what your screen calibration looks like will still affect the color of the fabric in many different ways. Below are examples of how vastly different a fabric can look considering a few of those factors, and remember that these colors look very different from screen to screen.